Assistance with Social and Community Participation

If you are an NDIS participant with ‘Core Supports’ in your approved plan, CLAE Disability Services can help you access the social and community participation activities that are consistent with the goals in your NDIS plan. Our support services can help you participate individually or in a group, depending on your unique needs and goals.

We will help develop your ability to become a fully participating citizen in the mainstream community. We have competent and friendly Disability Support Workers, who are delighted to support you all the way. Our workers will support you to have outdoor fun, share time with your friends, and enjoy your hobbies in a manner that strengthens your independence.



Depending on your personal interest, CLAE Disability Services can support you to:

  • participate in recreational and leisure activities such as attending a concert and seeing a movie.
  • join in social groups, sporting clubs, and other civic activities in your local community.
  • try new things and enjoy new experiences in a safe and friendly environment.
  • attend personal development courses, visit your local library, take an outing, or go on a holiday camp.
  • meet like-minded people and make new friends in a fun and supportive environment.
  • find activities of personal interest such as beauty, art, cooking and volunteering.
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