Coordination of Supports

CLAE Disability Services is an NDIS approved service provider that genuinely wants to help people with disability reach their goals through a working NDIS plan. If you are an NDIS participant with a plan that includes Coordination of Supports, we can provide the capacity building support to enable you understand and implement the plan to achieve your goals.

Through our expert, unbiased service, you will increase your capacity to maintain a healthy support network, coordinate your supports, live more independently at home, and participate actively in your community.



Subject to your NDIS funding, we can deliver the following:

  • Help you connect with a broader system of supports in your community, including with relevant providers as needed to achieve your goals.
  • Support you to understand how you can use your NDIS plan to achieve your goals.
  • Help to develop your knowledge and capacity to choose your providers, negotiate service agreements, and get the services running to achieve your goals.
  • Help maximise value for money within your NDIS plan.

We also assist in the following ways:

  • Support you to build the capacity to act autonomously and exercise choice and control.
  • Support you in times of crisis and help you develop resilience for unexpected events.
  • Monitor your progress and achievements against the goals defined in your NDIS plan.
  • Assisting you in preparing for your next NDIS plan review and reporting on achieved outcomes.
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